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Because we provide a world class business platform for you to operate your business with personal assistance support for a flat fee of $7,700 only*

Where are we?

We are just a Brand New concept, with a proven 9+ years of industry experience and leadership.

Where we want to be?

A Boutique agency with an outstanding 50 successful agents who are aiming to be the highest paid agents in the industry with a world class support system.

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What’s in it for you?

When you list and sell with other Real Estate brands in New Zealand, you will get only a percentage of your hard earned money after so many extra deductions.

But when you are with WORX Real Estate, you know exactly how much your contribution to the office is and it is a FIXED amount no matter how much your commission will be. In other words, you are in full control of your hard earned money.

We are not all about the numbers, we do value innovation and superior service unparalleled in real estate. We believe that you should be equipped with the best tools and armour so you can be the best in the industry.

The WORX Difference

Our high-performance culture, our vision to provide an unparalleled real estate experience and our unrelenting focus on achieving this, has ensured that we are becoming a trend setter in the industry. We would love to welcome you to our close-knit family.


Trust the process. We have tried-and-tested systems and processes in place so you can fuel your growth from day one. Combine this with our unique commission structure, which provides our agents the opportunity to earn substantially more, we can honestly say we are the trend setters in the industry.


Innovation in thinking, technology, training and service. Through innovation we are continually developing and deploying the best systems for our agents to help streamline their jobs, reduce their costs, eliminate inefficiency, increase effectiveness and most importantly boost profits.


Supported by our in-house marketing team, you’ll have all the tools, customisable templates and collateral to promote yourself locally and to promote your client’s property to reach the greatest number of potential buyers and to generate maximum interest in all your properties.


How do we consistently help our agents build greater wealth for themselves and for their clients? The answer is training. Our training program blends a mix of classroom training, e-Learning and one on one coaching and mentoring with industry experts. We are 100% committed to helping each and every agent maximise their potential.

Take MORE of your hard-earned MONEY back to your FAMILY!


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Please Note: We have only 50 exclusive slots available and we are very thorough when selecting the best suited members to join our family. Only the successful applicants will be contacted. You can be based and operating throughout New Zealand.

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