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We would be excited to discuss your property management needs with you. Please fill in your property address details below and we will call you directly. Or call our office on 0800 466 537 during business hours to speak to one of our helpful team members.

Modern New Zealand Bungalow House in Manukau City at The Worx Real Estate

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10 Reasons To Choose Us

  1. Our property managers are all trained, so you know you can trust us with your property.
  2. We can save you time and money in the long run. Imagine having those fines creeping up on you because you broke the law by accident. We can help prevent hefty fines from occurring!
  3. Extensive reference checks – at The WORX Property Management, we are equipped with the latest software, with which we can run background checks that most private landlords do not have access to. Now that saves you a lot of headaches!
  4. Lower maintenance costs – did your tenant report a maintenance issue that required to be fixed, but it incurred a hefty cost? Say no more! We have a plethora of suppliers’ contacts, so you can sit back and relax. We will do the heavy-duty for you
  5. We talk to the tenants regarding sensitive topics for you, so you don’t have to! Sensitive topics such as rent arrears, tenancy agreement termination, and tenancy tribunal are tough to navigate through, but we are willing to go through this to protect you and your investment.
  6. Marketing marketing marketing! Marketing is our forte, need I say more? We have the latest technology and the innovation to create a captivating marketing campaign for your rental property. Lights, camera, action!
  7. Navigating through legal problems – found yourself with a legal problem? No problem! We are here to discuss prevention measures to help you and your investment in the long term.
  8. Investment – with property management services inevitably there are fees, but hear us out! Your property is not a short-term investment and is a great way to earn passive income. We will not only help increase the value of your property, but we can also help you save and have more money flowing into your bank account.
  9. Property value increase – maintenance checks, inspections, inspection reports, and solutions to tenants’ issues that could save you a lot of money!
  10. Our property management team is a team of friendly professionals who get the job done! We think Real Estate 24/7. We operate Auckland-wide, so you know we are good at what we do 

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