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We make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information relating to the property. Some information has been obtained from third parties and has not been independently verified. Accordingly, no warranty, representation or undertaking, whether express or implied, is made and no responsibility is accepted by us as to the accuracy of any part of this, or any further information supplied by us or on our behalf, whether orally or in writing.

No entity or person guarantees the performance of the property. The information is general information only and any examples given are for illustrative purposes. The information does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend that you obtain financial, legal and taxation advice before making any decision. Any price is not a valuation and should not be relied on or treated as such. Prices, if indicated, have been estimated based on recent market evidence in the locality for comparable properties, to the extent available. Prices may not include GST.

The materials have been compiled by the collection of records, documents or information supplied by the vendor or the vendor’s agents. Accordingly, Real Estate Brokers Limited is merely passing over the information as supplied to us by the vendor or the vendor’s agents. While we have compiled the material from such records, documents or information supplied to us by our client, we have not checked, audited or reviewed the records or documents and therefore to the maximum extent permitted by law neither Real Estate Brokers Limited nor any of its salespersons or employees accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the materials. Intending purchasers are advised to conduct their own investigation. Real estate brokers Limited strongly advises all the parties to seek their own legal advice regarding any information contained on this site if needed.

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