Maintenance Request

Please note: ALL repairs need to be lodged through Tapi. This includes
general repairs which are considered to be routine repairs, and emergency maintenance.

Please click HERE to lodge your maintenance request.

  • If you have not set up a Tapi account yet, click HERE to be taken to the Sign up page.
  • You will need to enter the email address that our office has on record for you to be sent an activation code.
  • From there you will need to select ’New Maintenance’ located at the top of your property page.
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Maintenance Request Information To Consider

What is the issue? Where in the house is the problem? When did it start occuring? Why do you think it’s occuring?
Has this problem occured before? Is it causing additional damage to the property?
The more information you provide to us (including photographs) allows us to source the correct trades person for your maintenance issues and hastens the maintenance resolution.

General Maintenance Vs. Emergency Maintenance

Read the information in the link below which clarifies what is considered General Maintenance and what constitutes an Emergency Repair. This could save you a lot of money!

What to do incase of

Close off the gas bottles immediately- Is there still a gas smell? If the leak is coming from the bottles you would need to contact your gas supplier urgently. If the leak is coming from the fittings please advise our office.

What is wrong and how did this happen? If there is a leak, where is it leaking from? If it is a tap, please advise which room and which tap (eg: ensuite basin hot tap, etc).

If there is a major leak please turn off the water at the mains immediately until a plumber can attend. (The main is usually at the front of the property near the border or in a garden bed)

Please advise what the appliance is, whether it is gas or electric and provide the make and model if possible. What is the issue and what is happening? If it is electrical- check the meter box switches and also any switches around the appliance itself that everything is on. If gas, please ensure you have gas in the bottles.

If power trips, the tenant needs to check all power points in the property by unplugging all appliances (including but not limited to rainwater tanks, garage doors, dishwashers, and fridges) – Tenants are also to check that all switches are turned on at the meter box. If there are any live wires or sparking, tenants are to turn the power off at the main immediately and contact their property manager.

If there is a roof leak and it is raining at the time please note that no contractors will be able to attend the property until dry again. In this case please still report it to your property manager and should it be required please contact SES for temporary repairs.

Any emergencies such as fires or theft need to reported directly to the authorities at Triple One (111)

Any other non life-threatening emergencies need to be reported directly to the office (or the emergency contact number provided to you) as well as submitted in writing.

IMPORTANT: If a contractor attends and determines the damage was caused by tenant negligence then the tenant will be responsible for payment of the invoice.

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